HazardSpottingUnsafe construction sites now the run the risk of being “outed” on social media, thanks to a campaign that invites people to potentially unsafe circumstances and share them via social media platforms.

The effort is the brainchild of MySafetySign, a company that produces official OSHA signs.

Picture-takers who spot hazards at construction sites are encouraged to share them on Twitter with @MySafetySign using the hashtag #HazardSpotting. 

The company then enlists the help of relevant safety experts to spot the hazards in the photos, and shares the information through blog posts.

Mike Miles of MySafetySign says #HazardSpotting “helps shine an expert light on everyday construction. It creates accountability and will hopefully improve worker safety in communities across the country.” Miles said safety professionals have expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the projects – especially those on LinkedIn.

To date, there are nine #HazardSpotting posts that examine dangerous conditions in various construction zones. The most recent post analyzes sidewalk scaffolding hazards in an urban construction zone, including endangered pedestrians; slip, trip, and fall hazards; and lack of PPE.

Photos of unsafe working conditions and explanations can be found on the company’s blog at: www.mysafetysign.com/blog/category/hazardspotting/.

MySafetySign is also the driving force behind #HazardSpotting, an OSHA violations spotting campaign.