State and metropolitan statistical area (MSA)

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia reported higher numbers of fatal work injuries in 2012 than in 2011, while 32 states reported lower numbers. Two states reported the same number as in 2011. For more detailed state results, contact the individual state agency responsible for the collection of CFOI data in that state. Although data for Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam are not included in the national totals for this release, results for these jurisdictions are available.

Counts for over 300 MSAs are also available for 2012 from CFOI and detailed data are available for more than 50 MSAs.

The MSAs with the most fatal occupational injuries in 2012 were New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island (NY-NJ-PA) with 178, Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown (TX) with 90, Chicago-Joliet-Naperville (IL-IN-WI) with 81, and Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana (CA) with 81.

For more detailed information on fatal injuries by state and MSA, see the 2012 tables at

Background of the program

The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), part of the BLS Occupational Safety and Health Statistics (OSHS) program, compiles a count of all fatal work injuries occurring in the U.S. during the calendar year. The CFOI program uses diverse state, federal, and independent data sources to identify, verify, and describe fatal work injuries.

Table 1. Fatal occupational injuries by event or exposure, 2012

Table 2. Fatal occupational injuries by industry and selected event or exposure, 2012

Table 3. Fatal occupational injuries by occupation and selected event or exposure, 2012

Table 4. Fatal occupational injuries by selected worker characteristics and selected event or exposure, 2012

Table 5. Fatal occupational injuries by state and event or exposure, 2011-2012

Table 6. CFOI participating agencies and telephone numbers

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