Latchways WalkSafe® fall-proof covers and walkways are designed to protect people from falling through fragile roofs and roof lights when working at height.

With autumn only officially here, now’s the time to inspect your roof ahead of winter - ensuring gutters are clear and free from debris, and that roof lights are clean and in good condition. However, fragile roofs present a number of problems with regards to access and too often we are faced with news articles detailing falls through fragile roofs. Designed to work in support of HSG 33 and WAHR 2007, Latchways has a number of products to ensure you comply and keep your fragile roof, safe!

With input on national and international standards committees, Latchways - the leaders in fall protection solutions - is well positioned to offer advice and practical solutions to your fall protection requirements. If you would like a fall protection specification created for your roof, or merely a discussion on the most effective way to protect your workers from the dangers of working at height, contact Latchways’ Paul Horobin.
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