explosionThe BBC is reporting that an explosion at a natural gas storage plant in Mexico Tuesday night has killed at least five people – all employees at the facility.

The blast at the Chachapa industrial park  in the central Mexican state of Puebla ignited a fire which closed a nearby highway for more than four hours and caused the evacuation of businesses and homes within a two mile radius. The cause of the explosion is not yet known.

The plant is owned by Tomza Gas, which sells and installs gas tanks and cylinders for household, commercial and industrial use.

This is the latest in a series of gas-related incidents, according to the BBC. More than 20 people were killed when a truck carrying gas tanks exploded on a highway on the outskirts of Mexico City in May.

And in September of last year, 26 people died in a fire at a gas plant owned by the state oil company Pemex in the city of Reynosa.