Vendor NewsToday we are pleased to announce that Eyelation has won a favorable ruling in the arbitration brought against it by Cyber-Imaging, Inc. 

Eyelation had initially hired Cyber-Imaging to develop software for Brad Kirschner’s original and innovative concept, which eventually became the Eyelation system. After Cyber-Imaging failed to meet the development timeline and failed to deliver software according to specification, Eyelation switched directions and hired its own development team at which point new software was created and completed to satisfy Eyelation’s specific and unique needs. Cyber-Imaging sued Eyelation in a federal arbitration claiming that it owned Eyelation’s new software and that it also owned a patent application that Eyelation filed related to its system. Eyelation vigorously defended against Cyber-Imaging’s claims. Eyelation recently received a favorable ruling in that arbitration which confirms Eyelation’s position that Eyelation owns its software, owns its patent application, and is free to continue servicing the safety eyewear market utilizing the Eyelation system.

Brad Kirschner, CEO of Eyelation released the following statement,  “As we have maintained all along, we are the developers and owners of the Eyelation concept and system. I am proud of my team’s accomplishments. We are extremely happy to have obtained a favorable result in the arbitration, and are now looking forward to continuing to grow our business to greater heights.”

Eyelation is a company based out of Tinley Park IL, providing companies with professional eye care services specifically for safety eyewear with over 15 years of industry experience. It developed a revolutionary program that uses web-based technology to simply and affordably bring prescription safety eyewear to every employee, on every shift, at every location.