Grainger recently launched its new advertising campaign, “Get it. Got it. Good.” The campaign will be featured on national and local radio, display and outdoor, print and online video. 

Created by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, which was named Grainger’s creative and branding agency in March 2013, this unique ad campaign was motivated by a Grainger cornerstone – empathy. As Grainger’s customers are often responsible for managing seemingly unmanageable problems, the new campaign conveys Grainger’s understanding of these complicated issues in a humorous, yet identifiable way.

“Our customers are unsung heroes and legendary problem solvers,” said Victoria Morrissey, Director of Brand and Advertising Strategy, Grainger.  “They will take on any challenge and handle any task.  To get their jobs done, they need what they need, when they need it.  This campaign highlights Grainger’s mission to provide unparalleled support to companies anytime – day or night.”

Customer service = customer empathy

Featuring a quintessential, long-time facilities professional who has “seen it all,” his only relief when the “inline duct blower smokes a bearing at 3 a.m.” is Grainger – they have his back, along with the right products and services, to solve the problem even in the middle of the night. The campaign highlights both Grainger’s broad-based products and solutions, as well as the company’s underlying empathy toward the many complications its customers experience.

Grainger’s customers represent a broad collection of segments, including healthcare, manufacturing, government and hospitality.  They place orders over the phone, at local branches, online and using mobile devices. More than 4,700 manufacturers supply Grainger with the one million products that are stocked in Grainger’s branches and distribution centers, or sourced through a network of suppliers.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the team at Grainger,” said Cathy Francque, Executive Group Director, Ogilvy & Mather Chicago. “Their rich service offering provides a strong foundation for our team to elevate their brand message – pushing it beyond standard B2B marketing.”

View the new Grainger spots here: