The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health declared September 5 (9/5 - get it?) as N95 Day.

According to NIOSH, it’s a day dedicated to providing the N95 respirator community with educational materials promoting the proper use and selection of this piece of personal protective equipment.  N95 day is all about making information accessible. A few of the resources made available included:

• The NIOSH Science Blog:  A Guide to N95 Resources.  This one-stop shop lists some top N95 web –based information including videos, Powerpoint lessons, and tools for respirator program administrators.

• A new NIOSH publication:  Respirator Awareness:  Your health may depend on it.

• A NIOSH-hosted webinar “Debunking the Myths of Respirator Use.”  The event is closed to new participants due to an overwhelming response, but the video and Powerpoint presentations will be made available on the NPPTL

The International Safety Equipment Association’s (ISEA) Respiratory Protection Group, representing the global leaders in respiratory protection, is an active partner with NIOSH in setting respiratory equipment standards and approvals, as well as promoting the use of respiratory protective equipment.