Product InnovationsProAct Safety, provider of global safety culture excellence strategies, announced the release of the Safety Culture ExcellenceSM mobile app that allows users easy access to ProAct Safety's wealth of informative videos, articles, and podcasts. The app, available free of charge through iTunes and apps store, will be released at the beginning of December 2013 in both iOS and android formats.

The app provides easy access to Safety Culture Excellence® materials provided steadily by ProAct Safety. It will display when new materials are available. Shawn M. Galloway, president and chief executive officer of ProAct Safety, believes this app will provide a useful channel of information for those interested in improving the safety culture of their organization.

"I have a strong desire to challenge thinking about what safety excellence is and isn’t," says Galloway. "With hundreds of articles, podcasts and videos published, and many more on the way, we hope to provide our thoughts in the easiest-to-access manner possible. We believe the app will provide another channel of communication to help challenge that thinking, a vital aspect of accomplishing and sustaining safety excellence."

Galloway intends the app to be an additional tool for those who have already decided to improve the safety culture of their organizations, rather than a method of convincing people to think about the way safety is handled around them. "You cannot sell someone on safety excellence through an app. You can only provide resources for those who already understand and are serious about it. For professionals who are serious about safety performance, this is an excellent tool to help them take steps in the right direction."

Recognized worldwide as a leader in safety excellence strategies, ProAct Safety releases weekly podcasts, has several articles published each month and produces informative videos. All of these resources will be readily available through the app.

ProAct Safety will continue to update the app, based on user feedback, to improve the user experience and provide Safety Culture Excellence assistance on-demand in the field. Future plans include incorporating social media feeds for easy sharing, public event notices, and an audio reader interface.

About ProAct Safety

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