ladderLadder safety came in for a fair amount of attention during 2014. Federal agencies like OSHA and NIOSH produced ladder safety materials in several languages and even came up with an app that can help the ladder user calculate the safest angle. Among the resources that can help safety professionals keep workers who use ladders free from injury:

OSHA produces its first e-book

"Falling Off Ladders Can Kill"

Last year, OSHA Director of Construction Jim Maddux delivered a presentation on OSHA’s new campaign to prevent fatal falls at the annual conference of the American Society of Safety Engineers. When he finished, one of the conference leaders rushed over, eager to introduce Maddux to representatives from another agency with a similar mission of stopping falls in construction: Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.

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Every day safe ladder use tips

Construction jobs require specific types

By Dave Johnson

Building and construction workers use ladders every day. Yet, like any piece of equipment that’s not properly maintained, used, and respected, they can let you down. Whenever you reach for a ladder, yourfirst stepshould always be to think about which ladder is right for the job.

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Ladder safety? There’s an app for that

New NIOSH app lets you make sure the angle is just right

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has produced a new smart phone app that enhances ladder safety. The app uses visual and audio signals to make it easier for workers using extension ladders to check the angle the ladder is positioned at, as well as access useful tips for using extension ladders safely.

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OSHA releases bilingual ladder safety booklet

“Falling off Ladders Can Kill”

Just in time for the spring and summer construction season, OSHA has produced a new bilingual English-Spanish booklet, "Falling off Ladders Can Kill: Use Them Safely."

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