by Positive Psychology Leader Sherry Blair

Web ExclusiveAs we all strive to meet our new year's resolutions, being positive plays a major role in our success.

"We strive to strengthen, develop and increase healthy functional relationships at home, work and play. The goal of positive psychology is to reduce unhealthy negativity and to increase overall well-being and flourishing relationships," says Positive Psychology expert Sherry Blair.

Positive emotion, positive individual traits, and positive institutions are the three pillars of positive psychology identified by Dr. Martin Seligman. By focusing on building these pillars, people are better equipped to deal with adversity and can strive for self-satisfaction when they are internally in a state of positivity. Here are seven tips to ignite positivity at home, work and play.

1. Re-Write or Write Your Story: What do you want in your life? Who do you want to be? Release the shackles that hold you back from being and finding your personal truth. Find your meaning and purpose. Identify your core values for guiding your journey.

2. Choose Flourishing over Languishing: Think about the choices you make in every moment. Be aware of the investments you make and the return on your investment. Are you debiting your account or investing in your Inner Wealth(R)?

3. Use Rational Thinking: Irrational beliefs create self-defeating behaviors and unhealthy negative emotion. Do not rate yourself and others for starters--unconditionally accept yourself and others. The practice of rational living clears your mind.

4. Increase Your Positivity Ratio: Negative emotion weighs more than positive emotion. We need healthy negative emotion but to prevent it from manifesting into unhealthy negative emotion, we need to increase the positive emotion we experience on a daily basis. Throughout your day, notice what is going strong and make a mental note of the experience. Better yet, shout it out loud!

5. What's Love Got To Do With It? Everything. Recent research reveals love as the supreme emotion that is embodied in the micro-moments of connection that ripples through us at the cellular level. Take time out of your life to experience connection with someone--strangers, friends, family and co-workers.

6. Create Your Flourishing Guiding Coalition: Surround yourself with loving, positive and productive people whom support your vision. Be interdependent with them and treasure their presence in your life. It's a win-win connection.

7. Do It At Home, Work and Play: Practicing and applying these techniques work best when they invade every aspect of your life.

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Sherry Blair is the CEO of ISIS Innovative Specialists Inspirational Services, where she inspires and motivates others by applying and encouraging Positive Psychology. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Board Certified Professional Counselor and Diplomate Professional Coach, Sherry teaches at University of California's Graduate School of Social Work and is the author of several books. Visit Sherry online at