Product InnovationsBecause area lighting is not personal or easily portable, workers in low-light situations often rely on headlamps to provide additional illumination. But headlamps are a poor solution for work in rough environments. The majority are not built to survive daily abuse on a jobsite. They illuminate a limited area with a very focused beam of light and offer few, if any, safety benefits. Most were designed for an entirely different purpose such as camping.

The Halo Light was built different. Designed to be an on-the-job tool, The Halo Light is built tough, provides full power through a 12-hour shift, and delivers 360-degrees of illumination to flood a worker’s task area with light. Most importantly, it helps keep those working in high-risk situations safe with LED lighting that is visible up to a quarter mile away in all directions, including a rotating HI-Alert mode that further signals the presence of a worker.

And because The Halo Light battery pack is rechargeable, it doesn’t burn through batteries like a regular headlamp. With this battery savings, over the course of a year, The Halo Light is only slightly more expensive than a headlamp. Watch this video showing a side-by-side comparison of The Halo Light and a headlamp on a jobsite.

The Halo Light can improve safety and efficiency on your projects. If you’re interested in purchasing The Halo Light, visit the ILLUMAGEAR store or give us a call at 206.973.4277.

If you are in the Orlando area or planning to attend ASSE Safety 2014, we will be displaying The Halo Light June 8-10 at expo Booth #1076.