kidsIf you live in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Washington D.C. or Pennsylvania and have school age children, they may see a theatrical performance in the coming months that will educate them about fire and electrical safety while it entertains them.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) and The National Theatre for Children (NTC) are partnering to bring safety messages to kids in the form of live performances at 60 elementary schools across the United States.

Performance plus posters

The Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit” is being presented to schools free of charge and aligns with educational standards to teach children about important fire and electrical safety concepts in an interactive manner. Student workbooks, teacher guides and classroom posters are also provided to reinforce important safety messages highlighted in the performance.

ESFI President Brett Brenner said he’s happy the NTC is bringing his organization’s concepts to life “in an entertaining format that will resonate with children and instill life-saving lessons that children will take home to their families.”

“All NTC programs are based on storytelling and ‘The Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit’ not only engages the audience, but educates them about fire and electrical safety,” said NTC President and Founder, Ward Eames.

Upcoming performances

The dates and markets for “The Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit” include:

  • January  27 through January 31: Atlanta
  • February 3 through February 7: Birmingham, Ala.
  • February 10 through February 14: Nashville, Tenn.
  • February 17 through February 21: Washington, D.C.
  • February  24 through February 28: Philadelphia
  • March 3 through March 7: Pittsburgh

The program is made possible through funding by a 2012 Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) Grant from the Department of Homeland Security / Federal Emergency Management Agency.

ESFI is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety. Click here to visit the ESFI website:

NTC delivers entertaining and educational programs to positively motivate families, students and educators about subjects like wise energy use, financial literacy, health and nutrition and environmental literacy. Click here to visit the NTC website.