Kingfish modelThe Kingfish model is available in standard variable tint (BH10613) and polarized/variable tint (BH1061213). The Kingfish has a sporty half frame style that features an adjustable nose piece, light weight frame and a nearly universal comfort fit.

Variable tint technology is a coating that reacts to changing levels of UV and will change from light to dark depending on UV exposure. For example, when outside on a sunny day the lenses will change from clear (89% light transmission) to tinted (16% light transmission). This offers users that transition from indoors to outdoors frequently a one glass option.

Polarized/variable tint offers variable tint technology with the added feature of glare reducing polarized. The result is a lens that has you covered from dawn to dusk. This lens type will change from 12% light transmission to 32% depending on the intensity of the sun. Bullhead polarized/variable tint is an all in one option to defend your eyes from the varying brightness and glare in outdoor conditions. 

Bullhead variable tint lenses have the quickest activation and deactivation speed on the market. The variable tint coating that Bullhead applies is the same used by many high-end sport sunglass brands.

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