Dillon Supply Company, a subsidiary of Descours and Cabaud S.A., a French industrial, safety and steel distributor, announced it has purchased the assets of Brammer Safety Supply Inc., a Lynchburg, Virginia-based safety distribution supplier.

Descours and Cabaud currently has more than 560 locations throughout Europe and North America, including  Dillon Supply Company, an industrial, safety and steel Distributor based in Raleigh, North Carolina and BMG Metals out of Richmond, Virginia. Descours & Cabaud sees in this acquisition an opportunity to further strengthen its current footprint in North Carolina and Virginia after the acquisition of BMG Metals in 2012.

Dillon Supply Company and Brammer Safety will combine strengths to service their industrial customers more efficiently, with Brammer adopting the Dillon Supply Company name and logo. Dean Wagoner oversees all of Descours and Cabaud’s North American operations. Said Wagoner: “This acquisition reinforces D&C’s commitment to increase its safety supply sales in the North American marketplace.”

 Financial terms of the transaction are undisclosed.

Descours and Cabaud S.A., established in 1782, conducts business mostly in Europe, with 385 outlets operating under the Prolians brand and 138 outlets with Dexis branding. 

Dillon Supply Company, established in 1914 and acquired by Descours and Cabaud in 1979, operates 27 locations throughout the southeastern U.S., with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. (http://www.dillonsupply.com)

Brammer Safety Supply, Inc. was established by Jim Brammer in 1970. At the time of purchase Brammer had its headquarters in Lynchburg, Virginia and active sales territories in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. After a short transition period, the company will become partnered with Dillon Supply Company, and will adopt Dillon Supply’s name and web address. Future announcements will be available at www.dillonsupply.com.