Craig and Justin at the new CE office.
Craig and Justin at the new CE office.

Cirrus Environmental, leading specialist in the design and manufacture of environmental noise monitoring, has appointed a new General Manager as it expands its UK presence with a new office in Cambridgeshire.

Craig Storey has been appointed with immediate effect and will be based in the newly opened offices on Priestgate, Peterborough.

Craig joined sister company Cirrus Research just over two years ago and has held positions in both Technical Support and Business Development. These previous roles will bring experience and key skills to his new senior role at Cirrus Environmental.  

Cirrus Director Rick Heap says: “We have been consistently impressed by both Craig’s attitude and performance. His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop strong working relationships with both our customers and work colleagues and he has the analytical skills required for this important and challenging role.”

Alongside this important appointment, the new self-contained office accommodation and meeting rooms will form a central base for both the CE sales and telemarketing teams under Craig’s leadership.

Peterborough was chosen specifically for its excellent rail links to London and the South East as well as access to Stansted, Birmingham and Luton Airports for international clients.

Rick added: “This is a very important move for us; the new base will allow our sales team to be within easy reach of the Capital as many of our clients are working on large scale projects such as CrossRail. Equally as important the team are only a short distance away from our Yorkshire head office and manufacturing base so they are available for any company-wide developments and R&D involvement.”

Cirrus Environmental currently offers a range of noise measurement and monitoring instruments designed for environmental noise applications. The range includes sound level meters, portable, semi-permanent and permanent noise monitors as well as the Noise-Hub noise management system software package.

Services include: initial consultation and project planning assistance, installation, full training on the correct use of the system, technical support and backup service packages, help with generating the required results and reports as well as maintenance and recalibration.

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About Cirrus Environmental

Backed by over 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of noise monitoring systems, Cirrus Environmental provides a range of noise measurement instruments, software and support packages that enable our customers to effectively monitor, manage and control their environmental noise.

Cirrus Environmental is ideally placed to offer a solution that is both cost effective and practical to its customers and can provide a range of off the shelf products as well as bespoke noise monitoring packages. Cirrus Environmental is an ISO 9001:2008  Registered Company.