VeriAir FlexNextteq’s VeriAir Flex manual-inflating sample bag offers a patented design that allows an atmospheric grab sample to be collected immediately without any need for preparation, sampling pumps or other equipment. Simple, intrinsically safe, and made of durable multi-layer foil, VeriAir Flex bags can be reused and their integrated panel design helps protect the bag during use and storage. In addition to the 1-liter foil bag (P/N 31000), this expanding product line now includes a larger 5-liter foil bag (P/N 31029) and a 1-liter Tedlar film bag (P/N 31019). When the sampling procedure requires of the use of Tedlar, the VeriAir Flex Tedlar bag is a perfect choice.

When measuring gas or vapor concentrations with an analytical instrument or different detector tubes, multiple screening tests can be performed onsite with a single VeriAir Flex manual-inflating sample bag, still leaving a sufficient sample for off-site laboratory analysis. If rush shipping is critical, then choose between the VeriAir Flex 1-liter or 5-liter foil bags. Both are designed for air shipment, allowing for fast overnight delivery, by using an analytical grade inner polyolefin lining that is recommended for stable storage of most gases. Receive laboratory results faster because the laboratory receives the sample faster with VeriAir Flex sample bags. Furthermore, unlike stainless steel canisters, samples are not subjected to pressure or dilution when tested. Save shipping costs due to the light weight of the VeriAir Flex foil bag.

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