Nextteq VeriFitNextteq’s VeriAir Flex manual-inflating sample bags offer a patented design that allows an atmospheric grab sample to be collected directly without any need for sampling pumps or other equipment. This product is ideally suited to capture a whole air sample in response to air quality complaints, particularly unknown odors or nuisance aromas. The advantage of having a whole air sample analyzed by methods such as GC-MS is that a wide variety of airborne chemicals can be accurately identified and quantified at very low levels. This can effectively replace the more traditional approach of analyzing for the presence of substances with portable monitors, which can often result in inconclusive results. The VeriAir Flex also allows you to quickly and easily grab a whole air sample when the nuisance aroma is present..

If rush shipping is critical, then choose between the VeriAir Flex 1-L (P/N 31000) or 5-L foil bags (P/N 31029), which are designed for air shipment for fast overnight deliveryusing an analytical grade inner polyolefin lining that is recommended for stable storage of most gases. Simple, intrinsically safe, and made of durable multi-layer foil, VeriAir Flex bags can be reusable and their integrated panel design helps protect the bag during use and storage. If you prefer the use of Tedlar bags with your sampling procedure, the VeriAir Flex Tedlar 1-L bag (P/N 31019) or 4-L bag (P/N 31047) is perfect for you.

If you are already measuring gases or vapors with portable instruments or detector tubes, then multiple screening tests can be performed onsite with a single 5-L VeriAir Flex manual inflating sample bag and you will still have sufficient sample for off-site laboratory analysis. Existing rush gas analysis can be augmented with overnight delivery of the sample, which is not an option with most other sample bags. You receive your laboratory results faster because the laboratory receives the sample faster with VeriAir Flex sample bags.

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