Many of us have long workdays – often sandwiched between long commutes – which makes it hard to set aside time devoted exclusively to exercising.

The National Institute on Aging offers some easy ways to add physical activity to your regular schedule:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Take a walk with co-workers during your lunch break. An exercise buddy can help you stick with your plan to be more active.
  • Instead of sending an e-mail, walk down the hall and talk with a co-worker.
  • Park away from your office and enjoy the walk.
  • Join your company’s fitness center if there is one.
  • Fit exercise into your busy work day. Find 10-minute workout breaks throughout the day. There are a variety of strength, balance, and flexibility exercises you can do right at your desk.The 10Go4Life website has easy-to-follow directions for all of the following exercises. All you need is a chair or a wall.

Upper-body strength exercises:

Try the chair dip, chair stand, and wall push-up.

Lower-body strength exercises:

Do the knee curl and chair stand; then get up and do the toe stand, back leg raise and side leg raise.

For balance:

Stand on one foot or walk heel to toe.

Flexibility exercises:

Move around a little to warm up; then stretch your thigh, calf, and ankle. Also try the stretches for your neck, upper body, chest, and back. These are great after you’ve been sitting for a while hunched over your computer!