MicroSable linerInnovation, durability and comfort are the cornerstones of Cestusline, Inc. gloves and, along with user feedback, have led to the development of industry-leading hand protection across a variety of trades. Since hard-working hands don’t stop laboring with cold weather, Cestus® has created the MicroSable™ Liner to extend the life of gloves already in-use to the winter months or cold-weather environments.

The MicroSable™ Liner is designed to wear inside an existing pair of gloves to add insulation for the hand, and prolong the use of the glove into cold weather. As an alternative to buying gloves designed for cold weather, the MicroSable™ Liner keeps hands dry and warm without overheating and causing hand discomfort. 

Inspired from Silver Fox fur, MicroSable™ is an anti-microbial microfiber that not only insulates, but also adds comfort and water resistance. MicroSable™ has been tested to out-perform Thinsulate® in extremely cold climates, which has led many major operations in Alaska, Canada, and North Dakota to integrate it into their safety programs as the temperatures plunge.

Beyond the faux-fur insulation of the MicroSable™ Liner, it also features a water-resistant outer film that ensures hands remain dry as well as warm. While the outer film on the MicroSable™ Liner is water resistant, it remains breathable to ensure hands stay comfortable. The interior faux-fur liner is microbial, which prevents bacteria growth and in turn diminishes smell.

The MicroSable™ Liner comes in sizes S-4XL, and is recommended to be used in addition to non-insulated gloves that are already in use. However, the MicroSable™ Liner can also be used by itself for hand insulation in cold weather.

The best way to understand the full benefits that the MicroSable™ Liner provides is to try one personally.  They are available for distribution or end user purchase. For more information, email us at: Jennifer@cestusline.com or go to www.cestusline.com. Questions may also be directed to (503) 894-8549 at our corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Cestusline, Inc. is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and named after the ancient Roman battle glove adorned by gladiators in combat. We create multifaceted gloves ranging from basic utility and gardening gloves, to oil resistant and anti-vibration technical gloves.

While Cestus was founded in 2010, our management brings over 30 years of experience in the glove manufacturing field to the table. The decades-worth of experience Cestus has in hand protection — combined with our appreciation of user feedback — allows us to produce work gloves that lead the way in protection, functionality and comfort. Flexibility, breathability, protection and dexterity are the cornerstones of our glove lines.

Cestus gloves feature a one-piece palm construction for maximum durability, and match the palm stitching to the natural folds of your hand to make tools more comfortable to hold. Additionally, our curved finger design reduces hand strain while the glove is in use, which helps prevent hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Top-of-the-line, durable materials, detailed stitching, and innovative designs based on end-user feedback unite to make gladiator-tough gloves that are comfortable to work in.