PIP safety eyewearProtective Industrial Products, Inc. is proud to introduce its latest product innovations:

PIP’s has partnered with Hellberg Safety AB to produce its exclusive line of SECURE™ Hearing Protective Ear Muffs. Our goal is to offer customers a lineup of products that are comfortable, affordable and stand up to the task. Our Passive ear muffs are comprised of three models utilizing the latest in insulating and dampening materials, for optimal, color-coded attenuation levels. Our Electronic ear muffs include two models, REACT and ACTIVE, that feature the Level Dependent System that intelligently processes sound to allow for communication with others and the ability to hear warning indicators while remaining protected from harmful sound levels. 

As part of the revamping of its Hearing Protection line, PIP has introduced 10 new ear plug models. Beginning with our X-Emboss series which features the unique “X” embossing at the base of the plug which is proven to reduce the pressure at the opening of the ear canal for noticeable, improved comfort. X-Emboss is offered in compact format for small ears and also in metal detectable blue for food applications. Also new to the line is our version of the Traditional PVC orange, cylindrical plug which has become a global standard as well as three Multiple Use Plugs and two banded plugs that feature uniquely shaped bands for maximized comfort.

Bouton Optical is introducing two new eyewear styles: Q-Vision and Supersonic. The non-conductive Q-Vision is a rimless design that provides a wide, unobstructed field of view through a lens area that is 19% larger than standard eyewear models. Q-Vision is available with Anti-Reflective and Indoor/Outdoor Blue Bouton Optical Lens treatments, making it a suitable product for any environment or application.

With complete adjustability, Supersonic will readily fit most safety glass wearers. Ratcheting and adjustable length temples, combined with soft rubber nose pads, make for a customized fit every time.  The versatility of Supersonic is even greater when it’s optional foam insert and headband kit are added. Wearers can easily convert this rimless design into a handy dust goggle to seal out airborne dust and particles. Supersonic is available with Anti-Reflective, Gradient and Indoor/Outdoor Blue Bouton Optical Lens treatments. 

Both Q-Vision and Supersonic come with PIP’s unique FogLess™ lens coating which offers the wearer superior anti-fogging properties.

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