Properlycalibrated gas monitors are the cornerstone of gas detection, an essential safeguard and standard practice for many industries, such as offshore and on-shore oil and gas drilling operations, refineries, petrochemical facilities, pulp and paper, and utilities. Drilling activity from the Permian Basin to the Marcellus Shale will continue to enhance large areas of natural gas deposits to be discovered. This adds more potential for drilling and many other opportunities that call for the need of gas monitoring.

Knowledge of gas detection instruments and how they work comes from the original equipment manufacturer. Knowledge of gas handling comes from a certified calibration gas manufacturer.

Industries where workers are exposed to dangerous environments causes a need for the right materials and knowledge. As important is having these materials and knowledge on the spot.

Personal interaction is paramount

Unfortunately in today’s society we are forced to talk to an automated voice or simply push buttons in attempt to solve problems. It is all around us — grocery stores using self-checkout lines, financial institutions, insurance agencies, hospitals and airlines.

The amount of time it takes to get to a real person on the phone is pivotal, especially when it comes to support on a product that can save someone’s life. Customer service can be defined in many ways, especially in today’s high-tech computerized society.

 “Extraordinary” Customer Service (ECS) can be defined somewhat differently. ECS takes a step back in time. It involves a real human being with certain attributes comprised of compassion, empathy, knowledge, understanding, a sense of urgency and also dedication to the customer and to the company that employs them.

It is imperative that ECS incorporates the ability to adjust to the personality of the customer in order to understand their pain or problem, as well as their need for a quick and satisfactory resolution.

Superior service trumps speed

Even in our increasing desire for speed of information, nothing quite beats the “one on one” interaction with a caring, knowledgeable and understanding customer service person who is dedicated to solving problems and relieving pain. The customer ultimately hangs up with a complete sense of relief and accomplishment knowing ECS has taken place.

Customer service is one of the most critical factors in an organization’s long-term success.

The criticality of properly calibrated gas detection equipment makes the need for “ECS” even more important. A knowledgeable, caring voice solving a problem immediately and correctly is paramount.

Does your company provide ECS?