Ergodyne tapeErgodyne has announced today the launch of the Squids® Drops Zone Tape to their Objects at Heights Collection. Available in 300 ft. (91m) and 1,000 ft. (305m) rolls, the new tape features a repeating "CAUTION: DROPS ZONE" message to prevent workers or bystanders from entering potentially dangerous areas where dropped objects are a risk or from entering areas where FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) or FOD (Foreign Object Debris/Damage) is a concern.

"According to the BLS, 241 people were killed by a falling object in 2012," said Nate Bohmbach, Ergodyne product manager and DROPS member. "Our new Drops Zone Tape will serve as an obvious and targeted warning sign for workers to steer clear of workzones where falling objects are a hazard."

The Squids® Drops ZoneTape not only shows the public where the risky drop zones are, it also keeps fellow workers and foreign materials/objects from entering these zones. With a 4 mil (0.1mm) thickness, the tape is more durable than standard off-the-shelf tapes and is designed to be easily put up and taken down for quick assembly. to put up and take down for quick assembly. Additionally, the tape is distinctively different than most other caution tape with its orange background, calling out the more specific risk at these at heights worksites.

"Our quest for safety on and off the ground goes beyond traditional PPE," said Tom Votel, president and CEO, Ergodyne. "Vague warning tape clearly isn’t cutting it with over 200 deaths still recorded from falling objects each year. Our hope is that this Drops ZoneTape serves as an obvious administrative control of this very specific risk and helps prevent further deaths and injuries."

Ideal for worksites that need to block off specific areas due to falling objects – or for those with FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) or FOD (Foreign Object Debris/Damage) risks, the Squids® 3601 Drops Zone Tape is available now at all authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information or to find out where to buy, visit or call 800.225.8238 // 651.642.9889.

Key Features

  • "CAUTION DROPS ZONE" message repeating
  • 4 mil (0.1mm) thickness is stronger than standard off the shelf tapes
  • Black text on orange tape announces safety risk
  • Easily put up and torn down for quick jobsite marking
  • 300ft (91m) or 1000ft (305m) x 3" wide (7.6cm)

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