SHOWAToday, Showa Best Glove, Inc., a global leader in the hand protection industry, announced that it has changed its corporate name to SHOWA, signaling its transformation into a globally unified company.

Showa Best Glove was the result of the successful acquisition in 2007 of Best Manufacturing, founded in 1951, by Showa Glove Japan, which began in 1954. Since the acquisition, Showa Best Glove has sold exclusively through its worldwide distributor network to end users in every industrial, medical and retail sector. It remains the only glove company that manufactures nitrile disposable gloves in the United States.

The new name change, accompanied by a new brand mark and corporate identity, is intended to simplify the company’s comprehensive hand protection portfolio under one unifying brand to facilitate easier customer ordering, manufacturing and global distribution.

Says SHOWA VP of Sales of Marketing, Tom Eggleston, “We currently sell our products all over the world under several brand and product names. Bringing these offerings together under one brand will streamline interaction with our customers and end users, giving them simpler, clearer and faster ways to find, specify and use the right protection for the job at hand.”

SHOWA manufactures more than 1,800 varieties of specialized gloves for the industrial, professional and home care industry sectors. The company’s leading brands, such as ATLAS® and N-DEX®, will continue to be offered under the SHOWA brand name. Other products will move under the SHOWA brand to simplify glove specification and ordering.

Eggleston noted, “Moving forward with a single global brand will allow us to further our energy, time and investment in enhanced hand protection and innovation, particularly in the areas of sustainability and customer-focused R&D.”

Says SHOWA President/COO, Bill Alico, “As SHOWA, we are uniquely positioned to deliver innovation, performance, sustainability and precision quality manufacturing that ultimately fortifies our ability to support our global distribution network. That has always been our top priority and this transformation continues our commitment to always provide the highest quality service and leading-edge technology to our customers.”


SHOWA continues its legacy of innovation to distinguish the company as a global leader in hand protection. With 58 patents owned and more than 100 researchers dedicated to developing new, environmentally sustainable ways to protect hands at work, SHOWA is recognized for its portfolio of more than 1,800 specialized gloves for the industrial, professional and homecare categories.

SHOWA has eight production facilities around the globe and approximately 4,500 employees worldwide. The company’s investment in research and development speaks to its value in innovation-driven excellence, which SHOWA manages at every stage of design and production with 100% integrated manufacturing. To learn more, visit