Dollar TreeIn the past five months, OSHA has issued more than $800,000 in fines to Dollar Tree Stores for the same or similar violations, and has issued 234 safety violations against the company. What has repeatedly brought the national discount chain to the agency’s attention? Complaints from the company’s employees, in 26 different states.

In the latest round of citations, a Dollar Tree store in Watauga, Texas was cited for for failing to ensure that:

  •  exit doors were kept clear and unobstructed
  • products were stored in a stable and secure manner
  • passageways were kept clean and clear
  • compressed gas cylinders were secure and
  • portable fire extinguishers and electrical panels were not blocked

Jack Rector, OSHA's area director in Fort Worth, said, "Allowing boxes weighing up to 45 pounds to be haphazardly stacked in the storage room exposes workers to crushing injuries.

Proposed penalties for the latest inspection total $262,500.

Dollar Tree Stores, headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, employs approximately 17,600 full-time and 69,800 part-time workers.