TRA is pleased to announce the release of IndustrySafe Safety Management Software’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA) module. IndustrySafe Software provides organizations with web-based safety data management tools including key safety performance metrics, incident and OSHA recordkeeping, inspections, training tracking, hazards, behavioral based safety, and more.

Developed with feedback from numerous IndustrySafe clients, IndustrySafe’s JSA module allows organizations to comply with best safety practices and guidelines by addressing safety risks and hazards on a task by task basis. With the JSA module, Environmental Health and Safety professionals can easily build and edit configurable checklists to break a task into a series of steps. Safety managers can then use the checklist to identify and set appropriate controls for the potential hazards that accompany each step of a project.

The JSA module contains a variety of built-in features to assist safety managers in their hazard analysis, including lists of sample hazards and controls, as well as a standard risk matrix designed to automatically perform a risk assessment for each identified hazard. Users can also use the risk matrix to calculate the residual risk associated with a potential hazard after the proper controls have been set. This standard risk matrix can even be customized to suit a company’s safety practices. "Each of the organizations that we consulted when we were developing the JSA module conducted their job safety analyses a little differently, so we tried to create a module that could be easily tailored to better meet our clients’ needs and best safety practices," states Gabriel Tompkins, IndustrySafe Project Manager.

When a JSA is ready to be reviewed, managers can select specific employees to examine the form and these workers can record their observations through the module’s feedback tool, or by posting a comment. By providing their feedback, employees and supervisors can provide valued input into their company’s safety practices.

Like IndustrySafe’s other modules, the JSA module includes features like autofill to speed up administrative processes and users can also send email notifications, upload supporting documents and photos, add corrective actions, and can easily track, trend, and disseminate data across their organization through IndustrySafe’s robust reporting tools and export capabilities. Within the JSA module, users can develop their own detailed custom reports and create charts and graphs of their organization’s JSA activity to display on the IndustrySafe Dashboard module, allowing them to monitor their organization’s percentage of overdue JSAs, JSAs by overall risk, JSAs by location, and more at a glance.

The JSA module is a perfect fit for organizations looking to begin conducting JSAs or adopt a time-saving safety management software to automate and enhance their company’s existing job safety analysis procedures. "By leveraging the features of the JSA module, companies can take proactive safety measures to prevent injuries and incidents before they occur," explains Clare Epstein, IndustrySafe Vice President. "We believe the Job Safety Analysis module will improve the ability of our clients to mitigate and track hazards associated with difficult tasks or work sites throughout their organizations," she adds.

The IndustrySafe team will be providing free webinars exploring the features of the JSA module. Go to to sign up for a webinar and to to view a demo of IndustrySafe and its JSA module.

About IndustrySafe. IndustrySafe Safety Software is a web-based safety data management product developed by TRA so organizations can track incidents, corrective actions, OSHA reporting, training, claims, inspections, hazards, behavioral based safety, and more. IndustrySafe clients include leaders in manufacturing, construction, government, and transportation.

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