Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids, and to help ensure they have a safe holiday, here are some on the trick or treat trail tips from Larson Electronics.

Trick-or-treating involves quite a bit of walking which could result in whiny kids and sore legs. Try to avoid long paths by mapping out a route prior to Halloween. Stick with neighborhoods and areas that you are familiar with.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. 

  • Pay attention to the length of the children's costumes when choosing them. Hem any costumes that may be too long to avoid tripping.
  • Use non-toxic make-up to complete a costume. Masks can make it very difficult to see and breathe.
  • Children should always have a parent present when trick-or-treating. 
  • Make sure that the children know that it is never okay to go into a strangers home.
  • Be cautious when crossing the street. Always look both ways to be sure there are no cars coming.
  • Do not cut through back alleys and fields. Be sure to stay in populated, well lighted areas.
  • Make sure to carry a flashlight to keep the walking path well lit to avoid any tripping hazards.
  • Always check the child's candy before giving them permission to eat it. Throw away any candy that may look like it has been tampered with.
  • Follow these simple tips and your children's Halloween will be a memorable one that will last a lifetime!

Keeping It Lit

EXP-TW-LED-F4W from Larson ElectronicsBeing visible to drivers is the safest thing you can do for yourself and your kids during a dark night of trick or treating. Equipped with a red traffic cone, the EXP-TW-LED-F4W from Larson Electronics can serve as a safety light as well as a source for bright light illumination. With the removable cone attachment on the light, it will provide enough illumination for drivers to see you, but keep from blinding the drivers. This light is also good for volunteers or employees of haunted houses. If there happens to be a lot of fog or if it's raining, this LED wand increases visibility in inclement weather and increases safety. Think LED will be too bright? Check out our FL-2496.

The FLAH-1 is a hands free LED headlight that offers long battery life and comfortable positioning on the head. Do you have little ones that need you to hold their hand? This headlight will keep your hands free and includes a easy on/off elastic strap as well as a foam support on the back of the light for a comfortable fit. This light offers a range of adjustable positions and is powered by three AAA batteries.

Want the kids to have a light of their own? Our FL-T2-LED is a small, yet powerful LED light that includes a lanyard that would fit perfectly on their wrist when receiving their treats. This flashlight features a single 3 watt Luxeon LED that has a run-time of 50,000+ hours and operates on three AAA batteries. It measures 6" long by 1" in diameter and is constructed of black anodized aluminum.

Light Mast

This 600 watt high intensity LED light mast provides a safe and effective way for operators to illuminate a large area. This mast can be used to light up a large field for parking. It is built to withstand the most toughest and scariest monsters, goblins, and zombies. The unit provides stability even when located on rough and uneven grounds. This tower features a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation, a removable mast head for storing the lighting equipment, and is mounted to a cube frame with skid pockets and 4-corner pick eyes for easy transportation. This five stage light mast can be extended to 30' for maximum coverage and collapsed to 8.83'.

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