Radians Nordic BlazeRadians, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 certified leader in the personal protective equipment industry, launched its new line of thermal, warming gear products called Nordic Blaze.

The new Nordic Blaze line includes hard hat liners and a 3 in 1 balaclava design that easily converts into a neck gator or face shield.

Designed to keep you warm in cold and harsh environments, the ergonomically designed line includes several features and options for added warmth, comfort, and protection, including limited FR self-extinguishing properties when exposed to flame.

Other features include breathable mesh for heat exhaust distribution, chin strap for stability while wearing hard hats, hook and loop that easily attaches to internal hard hat system and shoulder length hard hat liners for added head and neck protection.

All of Radians products are sold through authorized distributors. For more information about Nordic Blaze or any of the products in Radians’ comprehensive line of PPE, visit www.Radians.com or email sales@Radians.com.

 Radians® is a Memphis, TN-based manufacturer of quality safety glasses, including their high-end Crossfire line, hearing protection, performance gloves, high visibility clothing, cooling and warming gear, and footwear products. Radians has partnered with highly respected companies including DEWALT®, Black & Decker®, Smith & Wesson®, Bone Collector™, and Remington® to provide high performance personal protection products.  The company has additional facilities in Reno, Nevada; Belmont, Michigan; and Thomasville, North Carolina.