When it comes to art, I have a big advantage. My wife of 53 years is an artist, retired art gallery owner and art critic. The other day, she sent me a link to an article in the Guardian titled Art works: how art in the office boosts staff productivity with a subtitle of A bright creative workspace can make employees more productive, lower stress and increase wellbeing.

Hot dog! Just what my readers need. While the article does not address art in direct relation to safety and health, it makes clear that art creates a much more welcoming environment in which to work with much more positive outcomes. It is, in my opinion, well worth reading (and passing on to top management). To access the Guardian article, click http://www.theguardian.com/careers/2016/jan/21/art-works-how-art-in-the-office-boosts-staff-productivity

Back pain solution? Exercise!

Eighty percent of us can expect severe back pain at some point in our lives. Given such a high percentage, there are many solutions offered—but most of them do not work. Forget education alone. Back belts and orthotics are completely ineffective. Bed rest may make it worse.

What does work is exercise—pretty much any kind of exercise as long as it is regular. When you hurt, it’s a struggle to make yourself exercise, but that is the solution. How do I know this? From a very helpful article in the January 27, 2016 New York Times that reports on a review of 6,000 studies about back pain. You’ll find the article here: http://tinyurl.com/hotc65o