Wiley XGlobal eyewear leader Wiley X® has introduced a wide variety of new frame and lens colors across its popular Climate Control™, Active Series, Street Seriesand Changeable Series sunglass families. With more than a dozen new versions across the 2015 line-up, Wiley X is bringing bold new looks and functionality to a wide range of wearers and activities.

These new versions include several first-ever polarized lens colors for Wiley X, delivering not only a new sense of style, but also superior visual performance for fishing, boating, driving and other high-glare environments. These include Polarized Crimson Mirror (Grey tint), Polarized Venice Gold Mirror (Amber tint), Polarized Yellow and Polarized Amber (both ideal for increasing contrast in low light or hazy conditions).

Among the new frame and lens combinations in the Climate Control Series are three new versions of the WX Arrow — Smoke Grey lenses with an eye-catching Crystal Plum frame, Polarized Amber lenses in a Matte Layered Tortoise frame, and a Matte Black frame paired with Polarized Yellow lenses. The popular Climate Control WX Echo is now available with a Matte Layered Tortoise Frame and Polarized Amber lenses. The Climate Control WX Knife is also now offered with Polarized Emerald Mirror lenses matched with a Matte Black frame.A new version of the Climate Control Blink provides Polarized Silver Flash Mirror lenses in a Matte Black frame. Rounding out the new Climate Control colors is a new version of the WX Gravity, pairing Polarized Yellow lenses with a stunning Black Crystal frame. Each one of these new combinations delivers the unique comfort and protection that is the hallmark of the Climate Control Series, featuring Wiley X’s patented, removable soft-foam Facial Cavity™ Seal that blocks out wind, dust and reflected light while enhancing visual acuity and polarization.

Wiley X Street Series sunglasses are designed to combine street-wise looks and attitude with performance that’s ready for anything, and a range of new colorsprovides wearers with even greater choice.There are four new varieties of the WX Moxy — Silver Flash Mirror lenses in a bold new Black Streak frame, Polarized Crimson Mirror lenses in a Gloss Black frame, Polarized Bronze lenses matched with a Gloss Demi frame, and Polarized Blue Mirror lenses complimented by a Gloss Black frame.

Wiley X’s P-17, a popular member of the company’s versatile Active Series family,is now offered with Polarized Emerald lenses paired with an attractive Gloss Demi frame. Active Series models are designed for sports and other intense activities, with features like soft rubberized nosepieces and/or temple gloves that ensure a comfortable, secure fit — even when the action gets hot and sweaty.

Two popular Changeable Series models also come in new color combinations for 2015. A new version of the WX Saint pairs a bold Gloss White frame with Polarized Blue Mirror lenses, for a look that’s sure to get attention. In addition, the WX Valor now pairs Wiley X’s Polarized Crimson Mirror lenses with a unique, Black 2-Tone frame for bold looks and even bolder performance.Wiley X Changeable Series glasses are designed for easy switching of lenses in the field, allowing for optimum vision over a wide range of changing light conditions and activities.

Whichever Wiley X style people choose, they can enjoy any activity and face any challenge with complete confidence.All adult Wiley X eyewear models meet stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, for OSHA-grade protection against a wide range of hazards on the job and off.This level of protection is a big reason why Wiley X is a leading choice of champion NASCAR drivers, professional tournament fishermen and other high-performance athletes.Wiley X is also a leading provider of protective eyewear to U.S. military, law enforcement and other tactical users around the world.

Almost all Wiley X styles are also Rx-Ready. The company’s exclusive DIGIFORCE™ digital Rx lens technology ensures superior prescription accuracy and visual clarity —along with the widest possible field of clear vision — for those who need corrective lenses along with Wiley X protection and style.

To learn more about Wiley X’s many new frame/lens colors for 2015 — or the company’s entire line of eyewear providing Absolute Premium Protection —visit Wiley X, Inc. at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore, CA 94550 • Telephone: (800) 776-7842 • Or visit online at www.wileyx.com.