OSHA Enforcement ActivityAfter a targeted inspection in October 2014, OSHA issued seven serious citations against Seaboard Foods, a pork-processing facility based in Guymon, Oklahoma. Proposed penalties are $51,000.

The company operates two anhydrous ammonia refrigeration systems. OSHA issued seven serious citations related to the process safety management of the ammonia refrigeration systems used in its production process. Some of the violations cited include failing to:

  • provide written operating procedures addressing safety systems and function;
  • develop and implement safe work practices to control hazards during operations;
  • train workers involved with operating procedures involving the anhydrous ammonia process; and
  • inspect and test process equipment to maintain its mechanical integrity.

Three violations are being cited for fall, electrical and machine guarding hazards.

The targeted inspections are part of OSHA's National Emphasis Program on chemicals, and focuses on OSHA's Process Safety Management standards containing specific requirements for preventing or minimizing the consequences of catastrophic releases of highly hazardous chemicals.

View the citation: http://www.osha.gov/ooc/citations/SeaboardFoodsLLC_999145_0205_15.pdf*.