nanoparticlesThe EPA is proposing one-time reporting and recordkeeping requirements on nanoscale chemical substances in the marketplace.

The agency currently reviews new chemical substances manufactured or processed as nanomaterials prior to introduction into the marketplace to ensure that they are safe. For the first time, the agency is proposing to use TSCA to collect existing exposure and health and safety information on chemicals currently in the marketplace when manufactured or processed as nanoscale materials. The proposal will require one-time reporting from companies that manufacture or process chemical substances as nanoscale materials.

The companies will notify the EPA of:

•certain information, including specific chemical identity;
•production volume;
•methods of manufacture; processing, use, exposure, and release information; and,
•available health and safety data.

Nanoscale materials have special properties related to their small size such as greater strength and lighter weight, however, they may take on different properties than their conventionally-sized counterpart. The proposal is not intended to conclude that nanoscale materials will cause harm to human health or the environment; rather, the agency would use the information gathered to determine if any further action under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), including additional information collection, is needed.

Public comment sought

The proposed reporting requirements are being issued under the authority of section 8(a) under TSCA. The agency is requesting public comment on the proposed reporting and recordkeeping requirements 90 days from publication in the Federal Register. The EPA also anticipates holding a public meeting during the comment period. The time and place of the meeting will be announced on the EPA’s web page at:

Additional information and a fact sheet on the specifics of the proposed rule and what constitutes a nanoscale chemical material can be found at: