Distracted Driving: Rewind, a new half-day workshop from DuPont Sustainable Solutions, helps participants refocus on safety, rethink the need to multitask behind the wheel, and make better, safer decisions on the road.

Developed with adult-learning principles to engage participants and maximize retention, the Distracted Driving: Rewind workshop helps identify the common causes of distracted driving, addresses the myths about this dangerous phenomenon, emphasizes the hazards of distracted driving and explains practices that can help prevent distracted driving.

“Many of us take driving for granted, and therein lies the danger,” said Kirsten Robinson, instructor-led training product manager, DuPont Sustainable Solutions.  “Driving has become so second-nature to us that we forget just how dangerous it is. Given the myriad of distractions today, we developed this workshop to drive home this basic, life-saving point and help drivers focus behind the wheel.”

Ideal for employees of all levels, the Distracted Driving: Rewind workshop looks at crash statistics and other eye-opening research about distracted driving. The workshop offers participants an interactive, audio-visual learning experience using case studies, group discussions and situational analyses to analyze and apply information to their own experiences and organizations.

The Distracted Driving: Rewind workshop is conducted by DuPont consultants who have safety leadership experience and are recognized throughout the industry as committed and innovative workshop leaders, credible experts and competent safety professionals.

Additional information is available by calling 800-861-2221, emailing sales@training.dupont.com or visiting us online at www.training.dupont.com. Follow us on Twitter at @DSSLearning.

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