Diversified Fall ProtectionDiversified Fall Protection launches ecommerce-enabled website PortableGuardrail.com, which offers OSHA-compliant guardrail systems for fall protection in various applications. PortableGuardrail products LORGUARD™ and LORGATE™ comply with OSHA requirements 1910 and 1926 for guardrail systems and do not require attachment to any structure in approved applications, due to its lightweight, hot-dipped galvanized steel baseplate. Designed to prevent overturn of the guardrail system, the baseplate is light enough for one person to move at fifty-eight (58) pounds and includes a carrying handle.

(Image top right: Diversified Fall Protection's OSHA-compliant Portable Guardrail in Safety Yellow.)

Spearheading the freestanding, non-penetrating portable guardrail products also referred to as permanent module guardrail systems, Jeff Schneid, President and CEO of Diversified Fall Protection declares, “...our PortableGuardrail [will] significantly reduce injuries caused by an unprotected leading edge and other fall hazards...especially as OSHA routinely lists falls as the highest cost and the second most frequent cause of workplace fatalities. LORGUARD™ and LORGATE™ are an easy-to-use and competitively priced guardrail fall protection solution that just [didn't exist] before.”

PortableGuardrail is delivered almost totally assembled and available in over one hundred and eight-four (184) colors with multiple size options to select from. Best suited for rooftop and industrial applications as well as construction sites and manufacturing facilities, “working with Diversified Fall Protection and utilizing our PortableGuardrail product line," Schneid reflects, “provides more than just a fall protection solution that wasn't there before, it keeps your workers safe and keeps your company operating within OSHA-regulation.” Diversified Fall Protection’s PortableGuardrail products are available for purchase online at PortableGuardrail.com and generally shipped within two (2) business days.