Digital marketing, which has been evolving over the years, is expected to become even more important to B2B marketers in 2015. The following are five digital marketing trends B2B marketers should focus on and anticipate in 2015:

 Mobile is now the norm: Ensuring websites work well on mobile technologies can no longer be an afterthought. In 2015 we will see end-customers turn to mobile devices for most of their content and product information. A quality mobile experience is a must for customers.

 Wearable mobile: Taking mobile technology a step further, Apple’s “smartwatch,” recently released this past winter, will likely result in a new wave of wearable mobile devices. B2B marketers must keep this in mind as they develop their online mobile presence.

 Print makes a comeback: Yes, you read that right. There’s a lot of digital “noise” online. Marketers need to find new ways to overcome the noise and differentiate themselves. Print, especially trade publications, will regain their importance because they have a targeted audience: your end-customers.

 Native advertising: Native advertising will grow in the B2B marketing world. Native advertising is paid content that is so cohesive and consistent with the look and feel of a publication that the reader assumes it is editorial content. This is not “advertorial” content, which is essentially promotional. Effective native advertising is quality information from a brand that educates, entertains, and helps the reader. The goal is to build trust and loyalty... and eventually sales.

 Manufacturers as educators: More manufacturers have added “learning centers,” otherwise known as blogs, to their websites. The goal is to educate readers with quality information. Once again, this builds trust and loyalty, which can lead to sales.

 “Marketing is changing faster than ever before,” says Robert Kravitz, president of AlturaSolutions Communications. “Being aware of these trends helps ensure your company stays on the cutting edge of B2B marketing in 2015 and the foreseeable future.”