Morse drum handlingNew Morse (model 82A-GT) pouring palletizer combines genuine Morse beefy quality and ergonomics -- now featuring a geared hand crank for precise tilting and pouring.

Move drums on and off shipping pallets, spill containment pallets and dollies. The stable and productive V-shaped base lets you place drums at pallet corners and tilt/pour at up to 26" (66 cm) high without the many risks of manually handling heavy drums. Rotate drums 360 degrees end-over-end and lock horizontally to dispense. Also available with power-lift raising (AC, DC or air). Watch the new demonstration video:

An important optional feature is the economical MORStop tilt brake. MORStop automatically prevents out-of-control rotation of heavy, unbalanced drums. It will stop dangerous rotation and hold heavy drums at any angle, without the need for operator intervention.

Morse -- “The Specialist In Drum Handling” – has originated most drum handling advancements world-wide, and offers the widest product line of over 100 items, plus custom engineered versions, and provides users with the most extensive and expert dealer support network.