Working Concepts, Inc, is a family owned small business in Oregon. They design, manufacture and market unique occupational safety products such as Ergokneel Handy Mats, Extreme Standing Mats, and Softknees No-strap Knee Pads. On August 1, 2015 they expanded into a warehouse three times the size of the warehouse they have been using for several years.  October 1, 2015 marked the opening of their own print shop, consisting of several automated print stations and a few manual presses for use on custom print jobs.  Working Concepts is excited to step into this new phase and see what kind of opportunities the new print shop will bring.

The intent of the expansion is to:

  • Have better control of standard inventory levels.
  • Improve ability to process custom work in a more timely fashion, be more creative, and have more flexibility in what they can offer customers.
  • The possibility to bring in other print work.

The new print shop manager, Patrick Stahly, brings 18 years of experience, along with his assistant, Edgar, who has been printing Working Concepts mats for the past five years.

For more information about Working Concepts custom print capabilities and products, please contact  Lori at  or call 888-456-3372.