Managing the many potential hazards in a workplace can be a daunting task even for seasoned EH&S professionals – especially in large organizations. The goal of any safety professional is to be proactive and prevent accidents from occurring. A component of that goal includes personal protective equipment, or PPE.

ICC Compliance Center is pleased to add an OSHA PPE online training course to its portfolio of training services. This course offers general awareness training in the use of PPE as per the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, 29 CFR 1910 Subpart I. The course provides: an understanding of specific issues covered by OSHA’s PPE standard; responsibilities of the employer; how the program is implemented; training requirements; types of PPE; and responsibilities of the employee.

“This course is a welcome addition to our training offering,” says Karrie Ishmael, Regulatory Manager at ICC Compliance Center. “Many of our clients are in the hazardous materials industry, and helping them to understand the use of PPE will be beneficial. It keeps them safe, and in turn keeps communities safe by minimizing the potential for incidents,” she adds.

ICC specializes in hazardous materials regulations solutions for companies involved in handling, offering for transport, or transporting hazardous materials, and workplace safety. Compliance solutions include: regulatory training; plant audits; SDS services; labeling solutions; trucking placards and seals; workplace signs and tags; UN certified packaging and more.

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