BaycoThe SL-1512, SL-1514, and SL-1522 LED Work Lights are perfect when portability in a small area is important. Each single fixture work light cranks out an impressive 2,200 lumens of light from a single long life LED and can be tilted or swiveled independently allowing the user to position the fixture exactly where light is needed. The SL-1514 has a heavy-duty magnetic base that allows the light to be attached to most metal surfaces for hands-free operation. The SL-1522 LED Work Light has dual light fixtures for a combined output of 4,400 lumens that is attached to a base unit and can be placed on the included 6’ tripod stand. These work lights have a tempered glass lens, and are powder-coated for long wear durability.

The SL-1512, SL-1514, and SL-1522 LED Work Lights are available for sale through our network of global distributors. Please visit the Where To Buy section of our website to find a distributor near you.