OSHA standard 1910.132 provides general requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE). What are an employer’s training requirements for worker PPE? The standard reads: 1910.132(f)

Training. 1910.132(f)(1) The employer shall provide training to each employee who is required by this section to use PPE. Each such employee shall be trained to know at least the following:

1910.132(f)(1)(i) When PPE is necessary;

1910.132(f)(1)(ii) What PPE is necessary;

1910.132(f)(1)(iii)How to properly don, doff, adjust, and wear PPE;

1910.132(f)(1)(iv) The limitations of the PPE;

and,1910.132(f)(1)(v) The proper care, maintenance, useful life and disposal of the PPE.

Each affected employee shall demonstrate an understanding of the training specified in paragraph (f)(1) of this section, and the ability to use PPE properly, before being allowed to perform work requiring the use of PPE.

1910.132(f)(3) When the employer has reason to believe that any affected employee who has already been trained does not have the understanding and skill required by paragraph (f)(2) of this section, the employer shall retrain each such employee. Circumstances where retraining is required include, but are not limited to, situations where:


Changes in the workplace render previous training obsolete; or


Changes in the types of PPE to be used render previous training obsolete; or


Inadequacies in an affected employee's knowledge or use of assigned PPE indicate that the employee has not retained the requisite understanding or skill.