Frans Johansson

The Click Moment: Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World

Success, we're told, is the outcome of careful planning, analysis, and strategy. But the truth is, success is far more random than we'd like to believe. In fact, in today's complex, volatile, and random world, the five-year business plan is obsolete, and going through the motions can no longer guarantee strong performance. If planning is out the window, what do you have? According to Frans Johansson, look for "Click Moments"-rare opportunities, often serendipitous, to change course. This morning's speaker will discuss how to spot "Click Moments" and increase their occurrence in our lives, how to place lots of high-potential bets, and how to harness the complex forces that follow into a winning strategy.

Dan Gardner

From Forecasting to Superforecasting

The important decisions we make are informed by judgments about how the future will unfold. Sometimes experts help, and sometimes we decide on our own. Either way, these judgments are forecasts. If they are good, our decisions are likely to be good. And if they are bad ... we're in trouble. In this provocative presentation, based on his New York Times bestseller, Dan Gardner explores the style of thinking most likely to deliver accurate forecasts. With effort and practice, we can all become better forecasters. Some of us may even become superforecasters.

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Dr. David Michaels

The Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health (invited) will discuss his insight on the key issues affecting safety and health professionals from OSHA's perspective. This session will focus on the role that safety and health professionals can and should play in addressing these issues and will include questions from the audience.

Walter Bond

NO ONE Can Stop You but YOU!

Are you really ready to go to the next level? Are you ready to improve your life, your business, and your relationships? Most people are looking for ways to make a difference. Most people are looking for ways to make an impact. Most people are ready to look themselves in the mirror and say, "I'm ready right here and right now. I want to be more successful, more profitable, and more purposeful." And that all starts within. Learn the tools to look within and begin the execution process today. This requires thinking differently, executing daily, and dominating right where you are.

Drew Dudley

Creating Cultures of Leadership and the Power of "Lollipop Moments"

By making leadership into something bigger than ourselves, we fail to acknowledge the everyday leadership that affects us in innumerable ways, according to Dudley. We need to redefine leadership as being a series of "lollipop moments" - those moments when something you've done has made someone else's life fundamentally better.

Hear practical insights on how successful leaders create cultures of leadership in their own lives and within their organizations. This presentation will make you laugh, think and reconsider the way you evaluate leadership in your life and workplace.

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