Vac-U-MaxVAC-U-MAX, a global manufacturer of compressed-air powered, continuous-duty, and central vacuum cleaning systems that addresses the issues of chemical compatibility, flammability, combustibility, and worker exposure to collected dusts, proudly announces Dickson Industrial Insight & Innovation, Inc. (DI3), as VAC-U-MAX’s new industrial vacuum cleaning representative servicing Ontario, Canada.

“We are looking forward to a successful relationship with DI3 as we grow VAC-U-MAX’s industrial vacuum cleaning footprint in Canada,” said Andy Pizans, Canadian Sales Manager at VAC-U-MAX. “Along with years of dedicated experience and innovative technical know-how, DI3 also brings strong application expertise, and together we are confident in establishing solid VAC-U-MAX representation in Ontario, Canada.”

Dickson Industrial Insight & Innovation, Inc. (DI3) offers over 30 years of industrial vacuum cleaning expertise, providing solutions, innovations, and application know-how for all manufacturing industries. DI3 will actively be pursuing new business opportunities and further promote VAC-U-MAX’s full line of industrial vacuum cleaners for applications including general purpose and specialty applications such as high volume recovery of flammable liquids, combustible dusts, metal chips / shavings, and submerged recovery for removal of debris below liquids. DI3 will also represent VAC-U-MAX’s continuous duty and central vacuum cleaning systems for continuous 24/7 operation. VAC-U-MAX central systems range from 3 pick-up points to 100, for use by one operator or ten at one time, for applications from cleaning dusty spillage from rail car unloading stations to cleaning high production food processing plants.

“We welcome the addition of Dickson Industrial Insight & Innovation, Inc. (DI3) to our global representative network,” added Doan Pendleton, Vice President at VAC-U-MAX. “Our mission at VAC-U-MAX is to provide manufacturing facilities worldwide with quality, reliability, strong application experience, and safer plant environments. With DI3 on board, we are confident we will achieve this.”

VAC-U-MAX Representation in Ontario, Canada:
Dickson Industrial Insight & Innovation Inc. (DI3)
907 Carlisle Street
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada K9A 0C3

For more information on VAC-U-MAX please visit