Since beginning their training division over twenty-five years ago, Improv™ has mastered the art of blending humor and education. Backed by statistical research and a flair for edutainment, Improv TVS, Inc. announces the release of their latest safety training series Don’t Be a Derk—Making Safer Choices with international celebrity Pamela Anderson.

For the last 50 years, IMPROV Comedy Club and TV Show have been capturing audience’s attention with humor. The “Aha!” moment came when they realized that training audiences are people too. And since that moment over 25 years ago, Improv’ s training division, Improv TVS, and Interactive Education Concepts have delivered award-winning training with proven effectiveness.

Improv TVS CEO Gary Alexander’s earlier assumption that humor is a surefire way to keep an audience’s attention proves correct by three state-sponsored studies. Across the board, all verify the course’s effectiveness in reducing accidents. Today, Improv’ s safety programs are approved and/or licensed by a number of regulatory agencies across the United States and boast over three million graduates who laughed their way to safer living. So, when companies look to spice up their employee training and spark that “Aha!” moment, they look no further than Improv TVS.

In their new series, Don’t Be a Derk, Improv strikes the perfect balance between information and engagement. And while the program may serve up some laughs, the team cuts no corners when it comes to delivering important messaging. Throughout the series, a witty Anderson and her co-star Kato Kaelin highlight important safety concepts like Stop Work Authority, Risk Assessment, Decision Process, Brother’s Keeper Mentality, and more. Along the way, they empower workers to make wiser and safer choices when faced with certain situations.

Alexander adds, “We hope that Don’t Be a Derk will become a new go-to phrase that serves as a fun, gentle reminder to act safety and responsibly. After all, nobody wants to be a Derk, the guy who just can’t get it right.”

For more information, feel free to contact Improv TVS:

Gary Alexander, CEO 17328 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA 91316 800.660-8908 x 234