Convention NewsISHN Chief Editor Dave Johnson reporting from AIHce 2013:

At the AIHce Tuesday afternoon they called it “IGNITE” – enlightenment in a hurry.

Of course we are all in a hurry these days, and grab our news on the go, preferably in easy to digest bite-size bits. That’s the idea behind IGNITE, which was a 90-minute session at AIHce.

IGNITE session started in the high-tech profession and has spread worldwide. In a five-minute presentation, speakers share their professional and personal passions using 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds. You can learn what is on employees’ minds in one fell swoop. This program has become an international phenomenon and there was SRO only attendance last year.

Here are the titles of this year’s quick hitters. They can be humorous, personal, practical and passionate:

  • Enlighten us, but make it quick.
  • What the Heck Happened after I got my Dad’s Ring Back?
  • Blue Sky Mining
  • Feeling Funky, “Phat,” and So Fine Through IH
  • Why social networking is a necessity for IH’swin Today’s world
  • Paris in the spring
  • My love/hate relationship with conference calls
  • You want me to sample what?
  • On your own – steer any direction you choose
  • Demonstrating your passion for industrial hygiene
  • Deep survival
  • The artist’s path to industrial hygiene
  • Embracing your inner nerd