CarbonX®, a leading manufacturer of non-flammable fabrics and apparel, is pleased to announce the launch of its new-and-improved website

The mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate website features information about the complete CarbonX product line, with care instructions, as well as common applications for industrial safety, steel/welding, fire safety, motorsports, pulp and paper, tactical, utilities, and oil and gas.

On the website, visitors will also find a brief history of CarbonX and an explanation of the science behind the brand, with examples and testimonials supporting why companies should choose CarbonX to protect their employees. 

The website also includes published articles written by expert CarbonX team members on the latest advancements in personal protective equipment (PPE). The Video Gallery allows visitors to watch how CarbonX delivers better ounce-for-ounce protection than any competing product. Lists of distributor partners and tradeshows where CarbonX will be in attendance are also provided.

The new CarbonX website may be viewed easily on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Visit or call (801) 415-0025 for more information.  

About CarbonX

CarbonX partners with leading safety manufacturers and distributors to deliver customized, non-flammable PPE solutions for the world’s most hazardous environments. When confronting these dangerous conditions, professionals and enthusiasts can rely on CarbonX to provide them with the protection they deserve.

CarbonX is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tex Tech Industries.