CorvexA worker is injured every seven seconds in the United States. The human and financial cost of occupational injuries is staggering. Direct and indirect costs of work related injuries exceeds $250 billion annually in the United States alone.

Corvex Connected Safety is developing a solution which promises to significantly reduce the incidence and cost of workplace injury. The Corvex Connected Safety platform combines patent-pending Internet of Things (IoT) technology, cloud-based software and wireless communications hardware to enhance traditional safe- ty programs. Our proprietary platform promotes PPE compliance, enhances safety training and ensures the proper use of PPE.

Our innovative platform identifies each worker in the context of their role, time and location in the work- place or job-site. PPE embedded with our proprietary microsensor technology allows the Corvex Connected Safety system to identify the PPE worn by each worker. The Corvex Connected Safety cloud-based platform compares the worker role, location and current PPE with established safety protocols and PPE requirements. When the worker is out of compliance, notification may be sent to the worker and supervisor, along with in- structions for remediation. The Corvex Connected Safety system may also be used to proactively identify and communicate hazardous situations, enhance safety training, simplify inspection, and generate real-time com- pliance reporting.

Corvex Connected Safety was founded in 2015 by PPE industry veteran, Joe O’Brien, and software application expert, Ted Smith. The team is partnering with the world’s leading PPE manufacturers to deliver a broad spectrum of PPE that will be compatible with the Corvex Connected Safety system.

“It is our goal to measurably improve workplace safety,” said Corvex CEO, Ted Smith. “The Corvex Connected Safety system promises to put real-time contex- tual safety information in the hands of workers and supervisors when and where it is needed most. This proactive information will allow workers to
work safely and effectively while confidently avoiding injury.”

The Corvex Connected Safety platform is currently in evalua- tion and is planned to launch in early 2017. For information re- garding strategic PPE partnerships, investment opportunities or customer inquiries please contact us at: or call (651) 294-2130.