Safety distributor Arbill has announced the inaugural issue of Safer Every Day, a digital magazine on workplace safety. This complimentary digital publication gives safety executives insider information to stay informed on job safety.

Safer Every Day will be released quarterly to more than 35,000 safety decision makers throughout the United States and aims to be a valuable resource to help safety leaders create a culture of safety within their organizations.

Every issue will include insights from industry experts, product reviews and updates on the latest trends plus news from OSHA. A comprehensive calendar of all upcoming safety-related events featuring date, location, cost and focus of the event will also be provided. Each issue will have feature-length articles on safety-related issues.

Heat stress is the first focus

The focus of the first issue is heat stress, which has become a growing problem as temperatures continue to rise due to the effects of global warming, according to Arbill. In fact, the past 11 months have been the hottest months in 135 years of documentation, according to the National Weather Service. Heat is the leading cause of weather fatalities in the past 10 years. Educating employees, adhering to the heat index and following OSHA guidelines are a few of the steps employers can take to help combat the effects of heat stress.

Subscribers will also get insights on workers’ compensation issues from leading workers’ comp attorney Matthew Wynn and updates on legislation from National Association of Manufacturers’ Director of Labor and Employment Policy Amanda Wood. Arbill’s Michael Amen offers his expert perspective on EHS-related issues, and specific content for those in the military and government who are concerned about safety is also included in every issue.

“Consistent with our mission of making sure every employee makes it home safely after every shift, every issue of Safer Every Day will provide practical information to help employers keep their employees safe and serve as an essential part of every safety program,” noted Julie Copeland, CEO of Arbill.

About Arbill

An award-winning supplier of all things safety for more than 70 years, Arbill’s clients have counted on the distributor/manufacturer to make sure their employees go home safely after every shift.

Through Arbill’s comprehensive safety offerings – comprising nearly 50 safety services and technology tools and more than 200,000 stocked safety products (including over 800 items manufactured under Arbill’s Truline brand), Arbill makes it easy for safety-conscious firms to provide team members with the tools they need to create a culture of safety throughout their organization and reduce injuries -- while lowering their safety spend. Arbill is a women-owned business.