Arbill, a privately-held, award-winning safety company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, announced the launch of its new website that features the company’s debut of its SafetyCare program.

SafetyCare brings a paradigm shift to industrial safety by combining all safety components (safety products, OSHA compliance and safety training, safety programs and safety technology) into one package by one provider. This approach not only assures a comprehensive safety program will be created, but more importantly, it guarantees there is total coordination on the implementation of this plan.

SafetyCare Starts with a site assessment to determine where safety gaps exist, SafetyCare then provides an all-inclusive remedy that has been shown to greatly assist Arbill’s clients in their drive to zero injuries. In fact, SafetyCare is so effective at reducing workplace injuries and decreasing associated costs, Arbill guarantees a 10% reduction in injuries within a year or Arbill will continue to provide services and consulting at no cost until the 10% reduction is realized. According to the company, Arbill can make this offer because every SafetyCare implementation to date has reduced injuries by more than 10%.

Julie Copeland, Arbill’s CEO, noted “Using the same tactics to reduce injuries that have been employed for a decade or more no longer have the impact they once had. If companies want to decrease their injury and incident rates, they need to change their approach. We have found that the SafetyCare methodology not only consistently reduces injuries and incidents, but it enhances a culture of safety that is mandatory for a comprehensive safety program.”

In the addition to the launch of the SafetyCare program, and as a part of Arbill’s effort to create a more comprehensive integrated safety solution, the new website features:

  • A new corporate video, highlighting key issues related to workers’ safety and the ways that SafetyCare can reduce workplace injuries
  • New content focusing on the benefits of SafetyCare
  • Enhanced e-commerce search capabilities
  • Streamlined mobile-responsive design
  • Five new eBooks and whitepapers covering topics including safety culture, personal protective equipment, EHS training and technologies that are changing workplace safety
  • Upgraded video and social media channels

The new site is available at

About Arbill

As the leading provider of safety services, safety technology and safety products, Arbill is literally saving lives every day at industrial worksites throughout the United States. An award-winning supplier of all-things safety, for nearly 75 years, Arbill’s clients have counted on Arbill to make sure their employees go home safely after every shift. To assure our clients meet their safety goals, Arbill’s safety professionals are revolutionizing the way companies incorporate safety into their daily routines.

Through Arbill’s comprehensive SafetyCare program offering over 60 safety services and technology tools and more than 200,000 safety products (including over 800 items manufactured under Arbill’s highly-respected Truline brand), Arbill makes it easy for safety conscious firms to provide their team members with the tools they need to create a culture of safety throughout their organization and reduce injuries. Arbill is a women-owned business and a member of WBENC. Arbill can be reached at 800-523-5367.