Lab safety, a gas detection innovation and a self-retracting lanyard were the top occupational safety products featured on this week.

MSA Latchways® Twin-Leg Mini Personal Fall Limiter is compact & convenient

MSA Latchways Twin-Leg Mini Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) is the most compact and lightweight self-retracting lanyard (SRL) ever designed. PFL employs multiple spring radial technology to eliminate need for external energy-absorber.

Industrial Scientific launches new data environment for iNet® Control v7.0

iNet Control v7.0 makes data about people, hazards, and equipment easier to use and access

Industrial Scientific, the global leader in gas detection, is pleased to introduce a new data environment for iNet Control users. iNet Control is the first hosted software for managing gas detector fleets.

Emergency Laboratory Safety Shower Decontamination Booth

When Time is of the Essence, after an exposure to a hazardous substance, any delay, even for a few seconds, can result in serious injury. OSHA and ANSI require that Emergency Showers be located within 10 seconds walking distance from hazardous site location.

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