Beside the lack of a headphone jack, Apple’s much-ballyhooed iPhone 7 appears to have a downside: it’s home button does not work with most gloves -- even touchscreen-friendly gloves with conductive material on their fingertips.

Like touchscreens, the button requires direct skin touch in order to be activated. However, the touchscreen-friendly gloves that do work on the iPhone 7’s screen do not – according to owners – work on the home button.

The iOS 10 requires a home button press in order to reach the phone's main screen unlike previous iPhones, which allowed the user to turn the screen on with the power button and then type in your a passcode.

The phone is also unaccessible when placed a waterproof case or inside a sports armband.

If you’re looking for a workaround and don’t want to take off your gloves, try using your nose, chin or elbow to activate the home button.