Leaves aren’t the only thing changing as temperatures drop across the country. As the landscape is draped in hues of red and gold, men are pulling out their favorite flannels and growing facial hair in full force.

Have all the razors suddenly gone dull?

Turns out autumn itself is the reason for the extra scruff. The start of hunting season inspires men nationwide to grow out their beards. Add to that Movember — when men grow facial hair throughout November to raise awareness of prostate and other cancers — and you have millions of men proudly showing off a more rugged look.

Balbo to full beard, muttonchops to mustache, you may spot everything from the conventional to the crazy. Men whose work requires use of a respirator, however, may be forced to say bye-bye to the beard. And when facial hair is part of your identity, that rule stings worse than the nicks from an old razor.

A clean shave is required in a variety of industries in order for many respirators to work correctly. The good news? This isn’t true of all respirators. While people with excessive beards like...Click here to read the rest of the blog post and see the Facial Hair Types infographic.